Thomas Carver
General Information
Full name Thomas Carver
Nickname(s) Tommy (by George Carver)
Status Deceased (suicide)
Gender Male
Age 54-55
Resides in Boston, MA
Occupation Author
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Grey
Family and Friends
Children April Carver (daughter)
Natalie Ortiz (daughter)
Brenna Carver (daughter)
Relatives Emma (mother-in-law)
George Carver
(younger brother)
Romances Sara Carver (wife)
Olivia Ortiz (mistress)
Production Information
First Appearance Pilot (flashback)
Last Appearance A Bottle of Secrets (flashback)
Portrayed by Tom Irwin

Thomas Carver is the deceased husband of Sara Carver, father of April Carver, Natalie Ortiz and Brenna Carver, and brother of George Carver. He was a writer and the reason why April wanted to become a writer. He died prior to the first episode.


Thomas was an acclaimed writer.


Thomas was married to Sara Carver. They had two daughters, April and Brenna. He had a 'secret' second family, which consisted of Natalie and her mother. This family was secret to everyone, except for his brother George.


As revealed in A Bottle of Secrets, Thomas suffered from ALS. He wanted to die with more dignity and began planning his own death. He begged his brother for help doing so, but he refused him. Thomas died when he crashed his car into a tree. George wanted to make sure that Thomas' family got his insurance money, so he made it look like he was the one driving the car, and that Thomas was in the passenger's seat. The only people who know the truth are Sara, April, Natalie and Brenna. If the truth gets out, George risks going to jail for murder.