General Information
Full name Emma
Nickname(s) Grandma, Mother, Mom
Status Alive
Gender Female
Resides in Boston, MA
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color White
Family and Friends
Children Sara Carver (daughter)
Relatives Brenna Carver (granddaughter)
April Carver (granddaughter)
Thomas Carver (son-in-law) †
Romances Unnamed husband †
Friends Dottie, Gertie
Production Information
First Appearance Pilot
Portrayed by Rebbeca Schull

Emma is one of the recurring characters in Chasing LifeShe is seen as smart and witty and cares about her daughter along with her granddaughters. She finds out with Sara that April has cancer.


Emma is Sara's mother who lives with her daughter Sara and her granddaughters Brenna and April. Her husband passed away some point before the show. She is seen as sweet, caring and having a witty personality. She is seen as very liberal and understanding of Brenna's sexuality. 



Sara is Emma's daughter. Sara and Emma both live with each other.


April is one of Emma's granddaughters. Emma is one of the last to find out about April having cancer.


Brenna is Emma's second granddaughter. Emma cares for her granddaughter, but she has and understanding about Brenna's sexuality.


She is down to earth.


"Bunny it up"


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