Editing during the Hiatus

Okay, so since there is a long hiatus ahead, I guess I just want to try and get more of the pages updated and a couple more people helping with the editing (the other peolpe who edit with me are amazing btw). 

There are several pages on the wiki that need a lot of work. Mainly the character pages (April, Beth, Sara ect...), all the episodes need summaries, things like that. I've done mainly the Grenna related pages, but they're a lot of work and I can't even imagine how long it'll take to make the April episode summaries (which is another note, they are getting long, Brenna's longest is 5 para and she was only in a small part of the episode, and I feel like we're going to need to adress that very soon). 

So, in short, Characters need episode summaries, episodes need summaries, oh and a couple characters need pages (I think Meg and Jackson deserve some). Just a note since I'm a bit warn out from editing. 

Jas :)